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O O Denny Park

O O Denny Park in Kirkland Washington

The O O Denny Park is one of the most amazing parks in the city of Kirkland. To start with, it is composed of 46 acres.There are four fields along the Lake Washington waterfront between Holmes Point Drive and Lake Washington.

On the other side of the road are several trails through the woods. Winding up the Denny Creek Ravine, you are surrounded by tall trees of our native forest.


This park has a very interesting history. Originally it was a private estate of Orion Orvil Denny. After his death, it was willed to the city of Seattle, who owns it to this day. For many years it was used as a day camp for Seattle Children. Eventually the upkeep was taken over by King County, and now it is managed by a coalition of King County and a citizens group called Finn Hill Park Commission.


My wife and I took pictures late on a warm summer evening, just before sunset. The air is turning cool, and the light is changing from harsh and bright to the iridescent glow of the evening. It is my favorite time of day, and the OO Denny Park was alive with families, and children, pets and lovers.

The park has two large parking lots. The lot on the water side is next to the well kept bathroom. From there there is a field to a small sandy beach. To the north is the creek, and north of that is a large waterfront field. Toward the street is the large enclosed shelter for larger community or family gatherings.

There are picnic tables and park benches throughout. We kept walking north and found two other fields along the waterfront, making four separate waterfront areas to be enjoyed.

Being here was a treat. Thanks to the Finn Hill neighborhood for stepping up and agreeing to pay for maintenance by increasing their property taxes. They have done themselves and everyone else a huge favor in keeping this waterfront treasure a viable place for the public’s use and enjoyment.


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