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Juanita Beach Park

Juanita Beach Park, Kirkland, Washington

Well, this beautiful Kirkland park is going to be even more beautiful… 2011. Right now, the Juanita Beach Park (remember, that’s different than the Juanita Bay Park) is under construction, causing the whole south end to be closed. The renovation will be completed by the end of 2011 and, according to an article in, the environmental enhancements will include a renovation of Juanita Creek, creation of new wetlands and quality marshes, and a formation of re-graded lawn areas with improved drainage and irrigation systems.

Typically seen at this safe and family-friendly park, Juanita Beach Park in Kirkland, are young adults and young kids. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy swimming, afternoon BBQs, baseball, tennis, and even fishing. What a fun and memorable time it is to sit at the edge of the dock and soak up some rays!

Some other fond memories of this park are in the early evening, after arriving early to my reservation at Cafe Juanita (one of my faves!) My wife and I would sit on one of the park benches or on one of the huge lawn areas and peer hypnotized at the children playing, the serene waters, and look up at the beautiful trees.

During this time of construction, 115 trees will be retained and protected, and nearly 900  new evergreens and deciduous trees will be planted!36 of the 55 trees that will be removed have been deemed unhealthy and hazardous to the park. This removal step at Juanita Beach Park will be a great step that will  last for many, many more years!

This park had/has the reputation of being the biggest beach in Kirkland (as far as sand-footage goes!) but that can also mean crowds.  These crowds can sometime put a damper on finding parking because everyone wants to be on the beach on nice days. Fortunately, with this new renovation there will be a new parking lot to accommodate everyone trying to spend some time in this little (big) oasis.

In addition to new trees and landscaping, there will be new walking paths, making this park ideal for evening walks and runs, while the sun sets slowly over the water to the west. There will also be an open-air amphitheater, new BBQ and rental facilities, and an abundance of new park benches and picnic tables. The ball fields are perfect for little league, softball and for rent. There are concessions, horseshoe pits, beach volleyball, tennis courts, play areas and public docks.


From I-405 South, take the NE 124th Street exit (exit 20) and turn right onto NE 124th Street. Turn left onto 100th Avenue NE which becomes 98th Avenue NE. Turn right onto NE Juanita Drive. End at 9703 NE Juanita Dr, Kirkland.

From I-405 North, take the NE 116th Street exit (exit 20A) and turn left onto NE 116th Street which become NE Juanita Drive. End at 9703 NE Juanita Dr, Kirkland.

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