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  If you stay in a public place, like a park for a long time, a sensible would think about what it can give, such as a public toilet if you ever need to do some restroom business. This is why a lot of people urge parks to have toilets, and a portable type would do. What are PORTALETs?   PORTALETs, also known as portable toilets are mobile toilets that are used in a wide variety of circumstances, like in urban slums, festivals, camping sites, boats, and public parks. There are also several types of portable toilets, but the most usual one is the chemical toilet. Compared to your toilet at home, the PORTALET is not connected to a hole in the ground, a septic tank, or into a system. There are PORTALETs that are convenient to be carried by a single person, and there are some that need to be carried by more than one individual, or a lifting machine. Why Should Public Parks Have PORTALETs? In the King County, Washington alone, there are already numerous public parks. Some are near to public establishments, others are hidden somewhere else. Although it is required by law for public establishments to have toilet rooms, there is no such requirement for outdoor parks & recreational facilities. For example, a football field, or a basketball court doesn’t need to have public toilets in the vicinity. In reality, several parks and recreation providers discern public toilets as a pain in their wallet, especially with the maintenance. Added to that, giving a budget for the construction or renovation is commonly found at the very last of the long list of city improvement. We are not denying that there isn’t money involved in providing PORTALETs. However, having one (or two) is a need, and there are advantages that can counteract its disadvantages. With a usable toilet facility, a lot of individuals will stop using the public parks. Instead, they’ll choose to spend their time in malls, where there are a lot of toilet rooms they can choose from. If you don’t want to waste the money for constructing and maintaining an actual toilet room outside, there is a cheaper solution and that are portable toilets. Aside from being cheap, a portalet flushing toilet at a public park brings a lot of positive effects. One of which includes attracting people to use your park, knowing that there is a usable PORTALET whenever they need to do their thing. Aside from that, it’s also a hygienic choice, preventing park goers to do their business on the beautiful bushes or on the walls. You don’t want the park to smell like poop or pee. Having a PORTALET (or more) in a public park is obviously a great benefit, especially if there are no public establishments nearby. Some don’t even have toilet rooms, and there are others that don’t allow their restrooms to be used if you’re not a customer. Therefore, if you want to pack your park with people, instead of foul smell, invest in one or two PORTALETs.