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Washington D.C is the capital city of United States of America. The city has spectacular spots irresistible to take pictures so get the right lenses for your camera! ( The spots include Hurricane Rivers, national parks, deep forests, flower fields, mountains, beautiful landscape along the river and many more geographical features. You cannot miss noticing magnificent skylines in the city. Whether you want to wind your day in the streets or the nightlife the city offer, you have to get a unique place to take a snapshot for future reference. Here are some areas Olympic National Park The national park has numerous spectacular features that are eye catching. The tree cave in Kalaloch is one such feature. This is a tree unsupported by ant soil but it still grows. All the roots are out but it does not dry. If you do not believe in magic, the sight of these can make you think of it. Spray Park in Ashford In this park, you have to capture the reflection of Mount Rainier National Park! What a feature! Great Missoula flood These are caves formed when there is a change in water levels after flooding. The areas have a history of shelter in the ancient times. The national Mall This is the unforgettable historic site. You have a lot to capture from the galleries. Inside the galleries, there are pictures of legends and their descriptions. The spectacular long canon is surrounded by US flag posts with well lawn front yard is a huge monument attractive for photographers. War memorials If you want to get a picture of war exhibitions war memorials are the place to be. A unique feature of this place is the fact that you can take photographs at night. The place is safe and it has floor lights to help you focus on the statues. The statues are curved with a touch of real physique. There is a great color combination between the evergreen lawn and the statues. Smithsonian National zoo This zoo allows you to catch a glimpse of wildlife. Although you cannot get the snapshot at close range, you have to have a powerful camera with a wide view and strong lenses to support zooming for sharp focus. Remember, the wild animals are mobile a tripod stand will be of help to rotate and get the right picture. Tidal basin The cherry blossom festival is one main attraction site during summer. However, if you want the best view and snapshot you should go early morning when there is less human traffic. Washington D.C is a city of its kind. All seasons of the year have a spectacular place to visit. The natural environments and their attractive features from 80 percent of world attraction sites. The ministry of tourism, culture, and heritage has also built museums to help the photographer get a glimpse of the US history. As a photographer, have a prior knowledge of the conditions you must meet before making a visit and taking the photographs and make sure to be ready to have laptop to put some filters on those photos taken (        

  Sightseeing a place, especially in cities regularly filled with heavy traffic at every road, is much easier to do with a two-wheel vehicle like a motorcycle. You can squeeze yourself into heavy traffics, and go to more places, compared to riding a sedan. You don’t have to worry if you ever get lost in your 2-wheel trip of Washington, D.C. you can always say to your motorbike “, GPS give us the directions.” Ready? Here are the top places you shouldn’t miss. US Capitol Building You know when you’re already at the heart Washington when you reach the Capitol Building of the United States. It houses the federal legislative bodies, the House and Senate, and one of the oldest establishments in the capitol. The building has been standing since 1811. The capitol building itself is an art, designed in the style of neoclassical, constructed with several statues and murals. Inside, there are beautiful paintings of the American history, with the walls of rotunda surrounded by 8 marvelous murals and 11 statues. It’s a great place to go if you want to educate yourself about the political history of the United States. Or, you can just pass by, going straight to your next destination. Washington Monument As the world’s tallest stone structure, and world’s tallest obelisk, this simple looking Washington Monument shouldn’t be ignored. It was the tallest building back then until the Eiffel tower stole its crown. You can visit the monument during the day, but you’ll have to reserve admission tickets (which are free) at the Washington Monument Lodge, or simply online. This is one of the reasons you’ll need a motorcycle because tickets run out fast. White House It’s not easy to be able to land a tour inside the white house. And if you’re late, they probably won’t wait for you and start the group tour by themselves. Having your two-wheel is a great advantage in this situation, zooming into the traffic (just don’t break any traffic rules). Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Do you want to take a break from all that political history? Don’t worry, we have the best place for you. One of the best modern art museums in the country, the Hirshhorn Museum showcases over 12, 000 art pieces! Your eyes will never blink from all the beautiful item you’ll be able to see inside. The museum has also a sculpture garden that houses the artworks of Henry Moore, David Smith, and a lot more. The National Zoo If you’re tired of seeing inanimate things, then you should drive to Smithsonian National Zoo. One of the oldest zoos in the country, they have more than 2, 000 animals of 400 various species from all over the planet. You’ll see giant pandas, elephants, large cats, monkeys, eagles, butterflies, and even the infamous Piranhas! Even better, the admission is free for everyone!     The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum You probably have a thing for aircrafts and space exploration, and you’ll miss a lot of things if you don’t visit this museum. They showcase around sixty aircrafts, 50 bigger items from humanity’s escaped and space exploration, and more than 2,000 smaller pieces.