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Bridle Trails Park

Bridle Trails Park in Kirkland Washington

Located on the border between Kirkland and Bellevue is the massive and expansive Bridle Trails Park. Fittingly named for the amount of horses that traverse the many trails and paths throughout the park. With over 23 miles of trails winding their way through the park there is always a new venture waiting to happen to those brave enough to see it for themselves.

The Bridle Trails Park is made possible by the Park Foundation and donations provided there of. It’s in association with the Washington State Parks as well and desires to preserve the natural resources of the surrounding areas.  Folks in the area that benefit from the park also contribute to the future and preservation of the Bridle Trails park.





Because these trails are very well maintained you may encounter construction or maintenance crews along the way. There is always upkeep on such a large and extensive park. Winding through the park on horse back is really like being in the mountains somewhere. It’s hard to imagine you are just minutes from the bustling city. There are markers along the way so you never get lost and can identify places and marked trails.

On the south side of the Bridle Trails park is a huge water tough for your tired horse. Most of the park is dense woods and only the trail is the visible ground you see. Although you can walk it it’s best seen on a horse and they have the right away. There are no motor vehicles or bikes allowed and dogs must be on a leash.


Bridle Trails State Park is an equestrian and pedestrian park. To ensure that everyone enjoys the park safely, it is important to follow park rules provided by :

  • No bicycles or motor vehicles allowed.
  • Dogs must be on leash. Absolutely no exceptions. Dogs off leash create a hazard. Horses will kick if threatened. Horses startled by dogs off leash can bolt and unseat their rider, causing significant injury. Your dog may be friendly and well trained, but the rules still apply. This is a safety issue, please respect this rule.
  • Park hours are dawn to dusk – year round.
  • No camping.
  • No overnight parking allowed unless approved by Park Manager.
  • Group runs must be coordinated in advance with the Park Manager or they are considered unauthorized and trail directions will be removed.
  • Equestrians have the right-of-way. Horses are prey animals, their instinct is to to flee in any scary situation. Pedestrians including runners encountering horses should stop, make their presence known and step to the side of the trail (but don’t hide behind a tree!). Wait for the horse to pass or equestrian lets you know you can continue.
  • Pedestrians and equestrians must remain on trails.
  • Smoking, fires, fireworks or any kind of open flames are not allowed on the trails or in the woods.
  • No firearms allowed.
  • Please do not litter, it spoils everyone’s experience of the park.
  • Do not leave horse manure in the parking lot – please take it with you.


From I-405 Northbound:

Exit freeway at Exit #17 (NE 70th St.)
Turn right at end of freeway exit onto 116th Ave. NE
At NE 60th St. Stop sign, continue straight ahead
Park entrance is on the left hand side of the road.

From I-405 Southbound:

Exit freeway at Exit #17 (NE70th St.)
Turn right at end of freeway exit onto NE 70th St.
At light, turn right onto 116th Ave. NE
At NE 60th St. Stop sign, continue straight ahead
Park entrance is on the left hand side of the road.


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