Great Ideas for DIY Benches


Nowadays, furniture like cabinets, drawers, doors can be really expensive. Even worse, most of them are just plain-looking. Benches are no exception. It’s difficult to find a beautiful looking seat that is affordable for your budget. But don’t worry, there are amazing designs of benches that you can construct by yourself. With the right tools and instructions, you’ll have the best looking addition to your beautiful home. After all, a right saw made it easy for us to perform DIY projects.

Cedar Wood Corridor Bench

The Cedar Wood Corridor Bench is a kind of planter bench that you can put in your home’s car parking lot or the corridors to your doors to improve the dull look. Although, you have to make sure that you have the whole day free to complete this bench since you’ll be doing time consuming tasks. The overall outline of this plan consists of making spaces on each side to put some beautiful potted plants, like roses or flowers, depending on what you like.

Tree Garden Bench Seat

Why buy an expensive but plain-looking tree bench if you can easily make one for yourself? It isn’t entirely impossible to make a DIY version. With this bench set, you can have a space for your family during cold nights and rainy season. To make this bench seat, you have to look for a quite thick pine tree and a great effort.

Antique Style DIY Garden Bench

It sounds complicated, but all you actually need is to make a basic bench for your garden using whatever wood you have. Then, the oil-based polyurethane and oil paint applied on the surface will finish the look. This great if you have a garden, or if you want to make your car parking space more attractive than boring.

Dinning Chair Outdoor Bench

The Dining Chair outdoor Bench is one of the most sought out benches by a lot of homeowners. Besides, the name and the concept itself is quite attracting.  Thankfully, you don’t need to scavenge every furniture store for the perfect chairs for this type of outdoor bench. Just make sure that whatever you choose do not have cracks. With a nicely-printed fabric, foamed seat, and two chairs, you can make a wonderful wood garden bench.

Arbor Garden Bench

Another wonderful idea is to add a cedar-made bench, framed with arbor, and then placing it in your garden. You can also do it yourself, without spending a lot of money. Added to that, it doesn’t really require you to spend the whole day to make this garden bench. It can be a great addition to a dull garden.

Crib Style Outdoor Bench

For you to be able to make a beautiful looking outdoor bench, you have to make sure you have an appropriate space either in your garden or your backyard. By transforming the wood into a crib style, you can make a bench that is a great addition to your garden. If you still have time after constructing the bench, you can some planter to go with the seating area.