Why Do Children Love Parks? (Besides Playgrounds)


Kids love parks, no doubt about that. They would nag you in the afternoon just so you can take them to their favorite spot. Most parks have parts where kids can safely use them, without injuring themselves. Here are some of the reasons why they really love spending their time in these public places.


The parks in the state of Washington all have playgrounds tons more complicated and amusing that kids can play on than anything on your own backyard. There have been swings and slides, and a citadel to climb via and over, and all sorts of other fixtures to play on and with other kids in town.

Massive Sandbox

The parks that we frequented all had huge sandboxes, with backhoe and bulldozer simulators and other high-quality toys for digging and pushing sand around. The most common you’ll probably have is a space that your child can play with all that people crowding in the sandbox.

natureFeed or Chase Park Squirrels

Every summer season, a population of squirrels and/or chipmunks seemingly increase in parks. Kids love feeding these lovely fuzzy animals, and after doing so, they try to catch them. If you fear for the animal’s life, don’t worry, the chances of a child to catch one can be good as impossible.

Swimming or Wading

Usually, big parks include small ponds or wading swimming pools, and even swimming areas that are totally safe for them. There is nothing better than changing into swimming clothes during a warm sunny day and dipping into a refreshing pool.

Watch or Feed Geese and Ducks

Parks are filled with lots of harmful animals, including geese and ducks. The body of water may have both geese and ducks, and some even have swans enjoying some floating time. This simple scene can already be entertaining to the little ones, especially when they get the chance to feed them with bread crumbs.

Skipping or Throwing Pebbles

You can’t deny the amount of fun and fascination that kids find in the simple act of throwing pebbles in the park water. Whether you’re throwing them in certain distances, attempting to hit floating sticks, or skipping tables across wavelets, children love throwing rocks.

Play Tag, and Other Group Games

There are many games you can play with your kid(s) at a park, you can even invite other kids and parents. Parks is one of the ideal places to play these games, where it is easy to find other play to play with.


Parks have roads around that your kids can bike on. They’re usually made for biking, preventing other vehicles to use the road. If you don’t have your own bicycle, there are parks in the place that allow people to rent bikes.

Nature Trails

Either by walking or biking, following natural rains can be exciting and fun for your adventurous little one. In their mind, it’s a magical place where they’ll find magical creatures. Some love challenges of being able to find how to get to the safe end of the trails.