Tips on How to Have the Best Family Picnic


One way to bring your family to eat together is a fun family picnic. It’s a great way to keep them away from distractions such as the television, computer, online games, and gadgets. But before you bring them together, you should follow these tips:

Find the Perfect Location

We’re very serious. You should not forget to do this part. Location varies depending on the age of your children. For your small children, it is a great plan to have picnics near playgrounds and toilet rooms. You can reward them time to play at the playground with other kids if they can sit down, eat the veggie salad, and spend time with your family for a certain amount of time. For your older kids, you can find places near to Pokestops. However, make sure that they’re not too indulged to their hunting more than the actual family picnic (the actual reason why you’re there at the first place).

Prepare Delicious Picnic Food

Every parent knows that children can be really picky with what they eat. But preparing a delicious picnic food is easier than you think. You can pick an order of sushi at a local Japanese restaurant. While for the other dishes, you can make your own one, such as your family’s favorite French fries, and then you can make some delicious chicken sandwiches. Don’t forget some fresh fruits and vegetables! It’s not bad to add some few chips as well.

Bring Some Family Picnic Gear

If you want to have a comfortable family picnic, the first equipment that you should prepare is a blanket that could fit your family, your food, and other things you want to bring. You can choose from your old blankets, or you can buy one that is waterproof. There are new picnic blankets that allow you to conveniently roll it and pack it in the back of your car.

Another thing you’ll need is a picnic basket to put your food and utensils (plates, forks, spoons, knives, and etc.) It has to be big and strong enough to hold everything that you packed inside. Your baskets should not exceed the capability of a certain number of adults that will join the family activity. Aside from picnic baskets, you should have a cooler for your drinks to stay cold. Don’t forget that the drinks should stay healthy and delicious at the same time. Your kid may not eat the food you brought, but you don’t want them to be thirsty.

Host Some Games

You don’t want your kids to be bored, they usually result to nagging, or indulging to their gadgets the whole time. For your little ones, you could bring their favorite toys. For your older kids, you can get them to action by playing ultimate Frisbee, baseball, and kite. You can also bring some of your family’s favorite board games, or you can introduce them to new ones. Unless you’re having your picnic in your own backyard, limit the things you’ll bring.